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Art by Michael Cox! Garuanteed not to make your eyes bleed (more than a quart), and that's a fact!
New Pieces
Well, they're new.

From left to right:
Briony Eddon, Princess of Southmarch from Tad Williams' novel, Shadowmarch.
Grand Master Hel Vorens, nemesis of Knight of Suns, our movie.
Panzereod Concept art (two). Panzereods ("red fists") are all-purpose combat troops used by the Primacy. They have armor which can stop cannon fire and guns which blow holes in steel bulkheads, but their specialty is melee combat. The second sketch is designed from a suit of gothic armor, and the first is just from my head.
Donnerod concept art. Donnerods ("red lightning") are heavy weapon specs which are used are mobile artillery. They can teleport guns at will, picking and choosing between such things as Railcannons, Heavy Machine Guns and Plasma Cannons, and their armor is nigh invulerable. The armor is designed off of a suit of heavy jousting equipment, which is much heavier on the side which takes the most punishment.
Utility Man, my very own superhero. Designed on my brother back in the days when he was big on sports (he's a musician now), U-Man is sorta like Casey from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- he can use any sports equipment to deadly effect. Also, most of his own equipment has hi-tech gadgets (or explosives) built into it. One of his gimmicks was that whenever he puts on his headband, no one would recognise him as Wally (his alter ego) but instead see U-man. I was thinking about starting up a new comic about him, but I have too much to do now. :(
A Stickmen from HELL Wallpaper. My first one! Featuring the newly female Cid sparying lightning at Vinnie, but Vinnie's cape protects him.

Videogame Characters
Either from a game I am designing with my friends or from those few videogames I really like, these are my impressions of them.

From right to left:
Acies (first three), the main character from "Project Acies"; a game where you (and up to four other players) guide Acies through a second chance on life. With gameplay that borrows lightly from such titles as The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana, Acies narrowly escapes from execution (for speaking out against the king) and has to start anew. It is up to the player to decide which path to take: to lead a revolt, to join an invading army, to become a holy knight and weild power untold, or destroy the entire nation and recreate existence itself! The first design on the left is the original concept for her, and the second is the most recent (and the one I like most ;) Other items: Uncolored Original, , Full Page of Character Designs Full page of rejected designs
Lesimbrotos, Acies's right hand man. He provides Acies with much useful info throughout the game, and he's a master thief.
The Cybernetic Hero (two) from another game I am designing. Take gigantic level designs like Super Metroid or Castlevnia: SotN, and tell an intricate story of tradition clashing with the new...
Sephiroth (two drawings). Because he's my hero, being the most awesome villain ever. The second drawing was when, during our Ambe campaign, he became king of all reality. Fun stuff.
Mega Man X. Because he is badass. The drawing is combines Space Marine Power Armor with the idea of X, making him that much cooler. Zelda as a warrior. I came up with an idea for a Zelda game where you play as Zelda herself and have to save Link. Think about it: supreme magic powers, crazy ninja powers and total awesomeness all rolled into one package!

Roleplaying Characters
Drawings I did of characters my friends or I played in various games.

From left to right:
Chrysanthemum (first two). The first is my incarnation of her in a Shadowrun game (she was an elf rigger who ran an orphanage). The second (the original) was her as a bum werewolf in Seattle.
Keevy and Ian, a married couple, ambiguously celtic. Ian likes to blow things up, and Keevy... well, Keevy's his wife. Ian is a werewolf and the leader of the werewolf pack, "Flames for Shadows."
Traveller, the ultimate computer hacker, and a werewolf to boot. She once gave orders to the FBI to attack the enemies that were harrying the Flames for Shadows pack!
Dan, a berserker werewolf. Blacklight threw him into a blast furnace (the GM was mad at the player).
Maggere, a radical feminist werewolf. Not a good combination, if you're an annoying man.
Mr. D, FBI agent. Yep, his sword is flaming.
Blacklight, Black Spiral Werewolf turned... um, helpful.
A packof Black Spiral Dancers, bad werewolves.
Yumi Aoyama an angsty Schoolgirl with one eye and latent superpowers. Cyrus, Sword of the Slayer God (two sketches); one of the best roleplaying characters I ever played. He was a dark paladin whose goddess was slain by the current Supreme Evil Deity, whom had betrayed the goddess, so in essence Cyrus was an unholy warrior with a vendetta against all other unholy warriors. Also, the last reminant of his god's power had made him near immortal, and he had a tendancy to get cut to pieces and get up again.
Dingo another favorite rpg char. This is a sort of a self-portrait as well, because the GM decreed at some point that all characters looked exactly like the players playing them. Anyways, this character was an awesome warrior who singlehandedly destroyed two armies (which had met in battle to fight each other). He had help, of course, as he wielded a maniacally evil sword and a ring which increase his magic power three-hundred-fold. Now, he couldn't use magic, per say, but he had convinced the evil magician in our party to aqcuire a talisman which would unlock my latent magical ability in exchange for the talisman... Little did he know, however, my character had delusions of grandeur and planned to rule the world with an iron fist. I remain convinced that is that game would have gone on, I would have destroyed the world in a true Sephirotic fashion. Gosh, that was fun.

Novel Characters
Characters form books I've read or, more importantly, books I'm writing.

From left to right:
Six again. The next picture is of Aura, his gun. I redesigned it so it doesn't look like Vash's gun. I like it.
Traveller as she appears in Seasons Pass. You may notice the words "lesbian" and "raver" at the top. Yes, she is those in addition to being the greatest computer hacker ever. And no, she isn't a product of my festering mind, she was created by my late best friend. So no complaints!
Boxcar the badass ninja of SIGHT. SIGHT is a sort of a mockery of GI Joe, and Boxcar is essentially a cybernetic version of Snakeeyes (if you didn'y put two and two together by his names). He also has an umbrella sword cane.
Summer, the crazy Season sister. She wields a katana named Crimson.
Mouse, the programmer that creates Saea.
Winter in my attempt at a fencing lunge. I like it, but it may or may not be accurate.
Dirk and Autumn, as Dirk rescues her at the beginning of the book.
SAEA Units (first three). SAEA (Strategical Autonomous Espionage Android) is a character from my novel Seasons Pass. The first two are Unit 00, the prototype. The last is Unit 888 (called "Triple Infinity" or "Trinfinity"), a later model whic appears in the space pirates story at some point. Other items: Uncolored version
Saea Unit 01 and a techincal description of how she works. Most of it is prolly impossible, but hey, it's all in my mind anyways.
Dirk, Codename "Six", from Seasons Pass. Dirk is a secret government agent (sorta like Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, or a non-misogynist James Bond) who gets tied up in a corporate fued and his haunting past. He has a nifty gun and an AI in his goggles (Mercedes). Other items: Original concept art of Dirk (a little bit too anime)
Winter. Just call her creepy lady. She doesn't have the mask in Seasons Pass because that is an element from our esteemed Amber campaign.
Elric of Melnibone, the forlorn albino badass form Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series. He appeared in Amber as King Sephiroth's first son and acts the role of defender of the Multiverse.
Orion Lazarn (two pictures), hero gone insane from And So it Came to Pass, another book I am writing (this one is set in a fantasy world going through an industrial revolution). He is one of a race of people called Saar (SAY-ar), who are incredibly tall and thin (take a skinny person and stretch him out to be 7'6") and who have disproportionately long arms.
Luciven "Lou" Karnicies, an insane gone hero from And So it Came to Pass. Not really, though. He's just Lazarn's polar opposite. And the both of them are slightly omnipotent.
Lou again (two sketches), the first is concept of a Dark Future Lou who has lost his arm and spends a few centuries wandering, and the second is my favorite drawering of him so far, depicting him as the High Inquisitor he becomes at some point. Kins Karnicies, General of the United Imperial Forces (UIF). Lou's older sister, she disappears at the beginning of the book, just after rescuing Lazarn.
Lyira "Lee" Evess, Lieutenant in the UIF. Friends with Kins, she find herself guarding the pacifistic Lou after her unit disappears. She doesn't like weaklings, especially weak men. Like Lou.
Ringwraiths. They're cool.
My pathetic attempt to turn Seasons Pass into a graphic novel, in 2002. When I had first written it, my creative writing class suggested I try to turn it into a graphic novel. Good suggestion, but my skills at actually making a comic book were too lacking. Shortly thereafter, the Stickmen came into being.

Concept Art and Other Stuff
Pictures that are random from my head or just plain weird.

From left to right:
Conquest, War, Pestillution, Death and Vinnie concept art (six sketches total). Pestillution is the combination of both Pestilence's and Pollution's powers, in case you're wondering. Also there is a Stickmen style sketch.
The Baby Carriage I was comissioned to draw. Don't hate me.
The Crazy Angel I found in an art museum. I was required the reproduce something I saw in the museum, and I found this angel.
Odin, the Allfather of Norse mythology.
My Weapons of Choice, being a colander, a broomstick and a trashcan lid.
AAAAAAAUUUGGH! A monster!!!!

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All Sticks, original drawings and designs 2004 Michael William Cox.