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Apocalyptic Horspersons

Occupation: War, Second Horseperson of the Apocalypse
Gaz is the very incarnation of the fighting human spirit, which earns him trouble with women. Recently he was defeated by Vinnie, and now his whereabouts are unknown.
Real life counterpart: Michael Cox
Kev KevKev
Occupation: Death, Fourth Horseperson of the Apocalypse
Strategist and coordinator of the Horsemen, Kev is one for getting things done. However, his straightforward nature (and occasional bloodthirst) causes diplomacy and tact to fail him.
Real life counterpart: Brian Douglass
Occupation: Pollution, Replacment Third Horseperson of the Apocalypse
Cid was signed on when the Horseman Pestilence quit the Apocalypse in the 40s due the the invention of pennicilin.
   Cid is a people-person by nature, and often interacts with outsiders on behalf of the horsemen (usually where Kev fails).
   The smoking object in his mouth is his holy relic, and Cid actually be able to draw strength from it in times of need. No one really knows what is in it, though it has been proven to be extremely potent.
Real life counterpart: The late David Dickens
Occupations: Conquest, Returned First Horseman of the Apocalypse
Though he left the Horsemen in the late 1800s to become a monopolist, his plans fell through because human beings were able to beat him at his own game. He recently sought out his old comarades and has rejoined them as the weilder of the Silver Crown and Bow.
Real life counterpart: Ian Wright
Occupations: Pestilence, original Third Horseman of the Apocalypse
After going mad over the invention of pennicilin in the 1940s, he fled into the depths of the African Jungle and did his best to create the deadliest diseases known to mankind.
Real life counterpart: Revelations, Chapter 6

Non-Apocalyptic Persons

Occupation: Black Market Cheese Dealer
An expert in fast-talking and finding loopholes, Chez is a veteran of the underworld, though he does have a soft spot for his supernatural customers. He finds himself aiding the Horsemen often.
Real life counterpart: Nathan Harmony
VinnieVinnieVinnie Mario
Occupation: Evil plumber
Bitter at having been one-upped by his more famous siblings, Vinnie has taken to hiding in sewers and cohorting with rabid cabbages. In his recent defeat by the Horsepersons, Vinnie has begun hatching a plot to destroy the world, along with his sidekicks, the Rabid Cabbages. Vinnie has the tendency unearth old and forgotten abilities from Mario games past, and he puts them to creative uses.
Real life counterpart: Um... don't sue me, oh almighty Nintendo! Please? Besides, Vinnie is way cooler than Waluigi. And he came out before Waluigi, too! Pah!
The TurtleThe Turtle
Occupation: Being Unbelievably Cute™; Tactical Nuke
During their first encounter, Vinnie threw a turtle shell at the Horsemen, and in a freak pinball-esque accident, the turtle shell destroyed the Horsemen's lair. Soon after that, the turtle popped out of it's shell, and the next thing the Horsemen knew, they had adopted the giant turtle as a pet. Since then, the turle has served alternately as a chair, a mount or a ballistic missle.
Real life counterpart: A slight alteration of Love Hina's Tama-Chan
Bred, Shirt NinjaBred, Shirt Ninja!
Occupation: Con Artist
Is encountered by Kev in the Congo Jungle. After his defeat, Kev had his unconscious body with him when he was sucked into the slipstream Vinnie's time traveling device created. What became of either is unknown.
Real life counterpart: Brendon Williams (who is obsessed with Greg Dean's Shirt Ninja)
the Contra BoysThe Contra Boys
Occupation: Guys with Guns
These guys are hired by Vinnie to assault the Horsemen. After being soundly defeated by Zip, it is not known whether or not they will make a second appearance.
Real life counterpart: Now I'm pickin' on Konami, too. I must have a deathwish.

Soon to come: Kel, girl genius, Captain Microwave, evil villain, and Jesus.

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